An Interns Prospective – Karissa’s Initial Take

3 06 2010
So I had no idea what to expect my first day of Joint Council, especially after I had taken the wrong metro line and arrived thirty minutes late. However I was welcomed with warmth, laughter and mostly excitement from all of the new interns. The first day was the same ol’ same ol’ first day first day concerns such as, how to answer the phone on our alloted day. Despite all the boring logistics the first day was amazing. Everyone at the Joint Council is super nice and so welcoming it is no surprise everyone there wants to help children around the world. At the end of the first day the main thing I was excited about was the amazing team I was joining: Alexa, with her bright nails with matching personality, Rebecca, who’s first impression to me was a great outlook on life and a love to laugh and Tom, who seemed a little too smart for his own good.
Today, the second day, was a lot more exciting. The other interns, who are all incredible and make me seethe with jealously over their international traveling, and I went to Maryland to an adoption service provider to learn about the process of international adoption and then more about Joint Council from Tom. While learning about the whole international adoption process was interesting and an educational experience, it was Tom’s talk, of course aided by Rebecca, that really captivated me and made me head over heels in love with Joint Council. I knew the basics before today about Joint Council: it was a pretty cool sounding organization thats goal is to help children. Cool- I like helping children. But Tom opened my eyes and showed me how truly unique and incredible Joint Council really is. I’m a political junkie and so the fact that the Joint Council works so intricately with not only multiple facets of our own government, but with other governments as well. Joint Council is not just some simple NGO that doesn’t know how to properly plan and execute programs but can do all that while not being discouraged away from aiding all children around the world. It is truly an honor to be an intern for the Joint Council and I can’t think of anyway better to spend my final summer as an undergrad.



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