Haiti – The Joint Council Team

#1. Moving from the military camp down to the camp for displaced families

#2. Tom and Rebecca comparing notes at an orphanage

#3. Rebecca briefing a DMAT nurse on how to report children that are seperated from their families.

#4. Steve, Rebecca and Jane with the military at the 'country club camp'.

#5. Tom, Rebecca, Steve and Jane particpating in the UN Child Protection Cluster

#6. Working with UNICEF on child protection plans.

#7. Rebecca, Stan, Dave, Jane, Tom, Stan and Marina...ready for lunch

#8. The crew heading the road in a futile attempt to find the God's Littlest Angels orphanage.

$9. Heading in to the UN Meeting Room #1. It seemed like every UN meeting was held in Meeting Room #1. We never did find a "Meeting Room #2"!

# 10. Yes, yes, we met up with Anderson Cooper...and for those who are interested, we can confirm that he is gorrrrgeous!!!

One response

1 02 2010
Michael DiGiacomo

Keep fighting the good fight, people! You are their voice, their hope and their future! You are the hands of God working tirelessly to ensure that these children will grow into adults. May they see the good in people like yourselves and may be inspired to continue your work some day. God Bless!

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