Miracles in Haiti

2 06 2010
A Message from the Director of Programs & Services, Rebecca Harris

Earlier this year we were all lucky enough to witness one of the true miracles in life, and now I write with a request for you to join us in creating more miracles in Haiti.
After the devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti, thousands of children who had been waiting for adoptive families were swiftly united with the families who had intended to adopt them prior to the earthquake.  It was an amazing experience to be a part of.  These children were some of the luckiest children to survive the earthquake.  They gained families rather than losing them like so many Haitian children.  Both through our work in the United States and during Joint Council’s trip to Haiti two weeks after the quake, we had the honor of meeting some of these children and families.
During the first trip we had the heartbreaking, emotionally draining experience of meeting with those children who had recently lost or been separated from their families.  While I have so much joy in my heart for the children who were lucky enough to gain families, it’s the children who have lost their families whose stories stay with me.  I think of them everyday, from the children begging on the street corner in Port-Au-Prince to Jacob, whose fate was sealed when both of his parents died in their small shack.
It is for these children, and the families who are struggling  more than ever to stay together, that Joint Council returns to Haiti.  We will be working with Joint Council Members and visiting the schools being constructed, the orphanages being renovated and the clinics healing children.  We will work with the Haitian and U.S. governments to remove the bureaucratic barriers that keep children from living in a family.  And we will work to eliminate the culture of Restavek that enslaves over 300,000 Haitian children.  Simply put – we return to Haiti for the children.
Please stand with the children of Haiti by standing with us, supporting our work and making a donation today.




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