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22 04 2010
Adoption Nepal

current issue of Adoption in Nepal.
Minister OJha in CIAA soup

Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare Sarba Dev Ojha and other officials at the ministry are under scrutiny of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) on charge of misusing money collected for Child Rights Fund.

The CIAA has taken the original documents relating to the newly-established fund and blocked its bank account (001010102) at Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL). The account has Rs 11, 343, 960.

“Procedures followed while establishing the Child Rights Fund and opening the bank account were illegal,” said a CIAA source.

However, Under-Secretary Sher Jung Karki said the ministry tried to ensure the utilisation of the funds received from the national and international donors.

Revising the Inter-country Adaptation Policy, the ministry introduced Regulations on Financial Aid Mobilisation and Management in 2009. The ministry had formed a five-member Child Fund Committee headed by the minister and opened the bank account.

The aid that the ministry receives from donors for adopting Nepali children is being deposited in a bank account, which is operated through Minister Ojha’s signature.

“Although the regulation came into effect now, processes on it were initiated during former minister Pampha Bhusal’s tenure,” said Karki. “We simply intended to integrate the funds received for child rights promotion.”

The regulation stipulates that international donor community willing to adopt Nepali children deal with the ministry directly. Earlier, foster homes could approach the donors and spend the money on their own.

“Although 62 memoranda of understanding (MoU) were signed for inter-country adoption in the past year, the ministry has no details of what is spent on child rights protection as a donor pays $10,000 before signing an MoU,” said Karki.

12 05 2010
Bobby Adhikari

We are really happy to read this news and we already have discussion with this matter Ministry officers. We hope this MOU back to Orphan home and thats written in New term and condition.
Bobby Adhikari

22 07 2010

Another death of an Adoptive Child, compliments of Robin Sizemore and Hopscotch Adoptions.

Here is your TRUTH!
Adoption agencies are starting their own advocacy groups via religious Orphan Ministries.

14 08 2010

In response to your comment….The death of our son was a very tragic and unfortunate circumstance, but we in no way hold Hopscotch Adoptions responsible. They have been nothing but supportive. Robin Sizemore is a wonderful person and a treasured friend. We greatly respect her and her agency and we are sorry that you are using these forums to try and harm her and her agency. Sadly you are only hurting children in need and yourself. If you read our blog you will learn the truth of our story.
We would respectfully ask that you stop using our sons death as a tool to express your anger and to hurt others. This is hurtful to us and our sons memory. Please get some help, we are praying for you.

22 08 2010

Sorry, but people should know what is happening with special needs adoptions. I just heard about it and it was so sad. But this has happened before and the problem is the adoptive parents are not finding out the true medical facts about the children.

6 09 2010

How many more adoptions turn out wonderfully? Can we afford to sacrafice even more children’s lives by keeping them from families because of a very few bad adoptions? Are you prepared to sentence many to institutions because of this? If you are, then, as someone who worked for 15 years in institutions, I’m willing to bet you’ve never been inside one. Even the cleanest, nicest, American facilites have a nasty smell, horrible food, and love is a rare visitor.
Thank you to JCICS for helping to ensure that my daughter is no longer in an institution. When no one was there for thousands of adoptive families and their waiting children, you were.

4 01 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Haufler
Let me offer my sorrow for the death of your son. Please reconsider adoption again when you heal. Robin Sizemore has a great program in Morocco that you can convert to Islam when you adopt. Morroco is not a signatory to the Hague Convention so the process would go rather fast without much scrutiny.
Again, we are all sorry for your loss.
God Bless.

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