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1 02 2010
Kea Herron

Please let me know how I can assist your efforts in Haiti (Ayiti). I’m adopting a daughter from Ethiopia, am an international educator specializing in language and cultural training. I’m experienced in interpreting between English and Haitian Creole (reading and writing).
Have interpreted Political Asylum interviews of Haitian refugees in Guantanamo, evaluated, developed, and directed Haitian Creole and French language training and cultural training for Peace Corps/Haiti.
Was also Peace Corps Volunteer and Training Consultant in Peace Corps/Benin (West Africa).
More if you’re interested. Please contact me.
If I can assist in Haiti for even a week or two, I would be very glad to. I’m very concerned about everyone, but especially about the children!
Mesi anpil!
Men anpil, chay pa lou!

22 07 2010

Go to your Adoption Agencies and beg for money! Who gives a shit about your evil JCICS. You promote human trafficking.
Kazakhstan is no longer accepting dossiers, next will be Ethiopia because your precious GREEDY adoption agencies take advantage.

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