Rene – Longing for Love

3 06 2010

Rene is a young man living in a Haitian orphanage with 91 other children.  After receiving life-saving surgery in the United States, he returned to Haiti and the orphanage he calls home.  The orphanage staff did not know how to treat his wound or recognize life-threatening symptoms.  As a result, Rene’s incision became infected.  During our last visit to Haiti, after borrowing a pair of shoes from another child, we took Rene to the local hospital, had his incision cleaned and returned once again to the orphanage.

Since that day in January, we’ve received one update on Rene.  Joint Council Board Member Dr. Jane Aronson, who traveled with us in January, visited Rene.  He drew her a  picture and was so grateful for her visit – a woman he only met once before.  Imagine, how might Rene greet a family?  It’s so disheartening to see this brave,  tender young man longing for the love and attention every child deserves.

By donating today you can help us continue to fight for Rene and the thousands of children in Haiti who live every day hoping for the love and safety they deserve.

No child should have to live on hope.  Help us turn their hope into their reality.



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22 06 2012
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