A Picture Perfect Moment Photo Contest- Help Us Choose the Winners!

6 12 2011

We received over a hundred beautiful pictures for our 2011 A Picture Perfect Moment Photo Contest. Help us choose the winners from our top 14! Select one of the picture below and cast your vote.  Please only vote once! Make sure to vote by 11:59 PM EST on December 18th, 2011! Winners will receive gift cards from national companies.

Winners will be announced the week of December 19th, 2011.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Please note: If Joint Council suspects inappropriate behavior on the part of an individual regarding voting, Joint Council reserves the right to disqualify the individual’s votes and/or pictures.



39 responses

8 12 2011
Sharon Richardson


8 12 2011
Bernie Markley

She’s a darling little girl

8 12 2011
Cara Willey


8 12 2011
Margaret Clark

What a beautiful little girl and such a welcome addition to our family grandparents Margaret and Terry

8 12 2011
Teresa Luhring

Very cute

8 12 2011
Pat Ward

She is just as beautiful inside! Love ya London!

8 12 2011

Beautiful picture!

8 12 2011
Sheila Birrane Albers

Belarussian, Russian and my last our biological surprise! John, Tommy and Patrick are the loves of my life!

8 12 2011
Serena Newkirk

London is absolutely gorgeous. Such beautiful eyes.

8 12 2011

Beautiful Picture !

8 12 2011
Kathleen McCullough

They are all beautiful. As a Mom of an adopted child – I know the joy children can bring no matter where they are born.

8 12 2011
Paula Roberts

We knew we would love this little gal but never dreamt how much. What a joy!
Tom, Nana, Nick & Emily

8 12 2011
Michelle Sutton

I love this picture of the boys! Good luck!

8 12 2011
Kim Goldsmith

Good Luck Sheila…The Albers’ story is a beautiful one!

8 12 2011
Lisa Winship

How precious!!!!

8 12 2011
Mary Cygan

Good Luck Albers Boys! Adorable!

8 12 2011

They grow so fast!

8 12 2011
Grandmary & Papa

our family is the real winner…having Zion in our lives….We love you Zion…Grandmary & Papa

8 12 2011

Our Russian princess !! 🙂

8 12 2011
Lana Corrales

Ana Miriam, love of my life!

8 12 2011
Laura Clark

Our beautiful Niece and cousin, London….Even if she doesn’t win this contest……she won our hearts the minute we met her!!!!

Hugs & Kisses, Uncle Bill, Aunt Laurie, Kyle, Bailey, Peyton, Kari, Kyle and Will Karter!!!!

8 12 2011
R Kingeter

What a beautiful family- the three Albers boys!

8 12 2011
Susan Engle

A beautiful description of the photo, Bre. I hope you keep up with your photography talent. Good luck! Susan Engle

8 12 2011

Voting for little Jayden….such a cute and loved little boy!

8 12 2011
Beth Cochran

What a great picture of the three Albers boys! This family is definitely a winning one in real life,

9 12 2011
cheryl reinhardt

What a beautiful story – the photo is darling!

9 12 2011
Tracey Lentfer

The Albers boys: by receiving the love of adoption, they are now sharing love with their new little brother. What a special snapshot into their hearts.

9 12 2011
Bill & Peggy Lah

London is a beautiful child inside and out. She is such a blessing in our lives!

“Uncle Bill & Aunt Peggy”

9 12 2011
Christie Dawson

Sheila, this picture is beautiful! I love the Albers story and Patrick looks perfect right there in the middle.

9 12 2011
Burma Cenovich

I’m so glad you shared this awesome opportunity. Your story is as beautiful as the photo; and to have personally assisted with your and Tommy’s return to the States makes it that much more meaningful to me.

You have a lovely family; and I’m honored to be a part of the Harmony family.

Burma Cenovich

9 12 2011

London is such a beautiful soul!

10 12 2011

Zion, a truly wonderful child with a loving heart. Love you Zion, Grammie Sharon

10 12 2011
Earl Kroll

London is such a beautiful, intelligent princess who is going to do great things!!! Love ya from BIG EARL

10 12 2011
Beulah Reed

Sugar and Spice–and Everything Nice!!!….That’s London

11 12 2011


12 12 2011
Mary Ronna

Londoni s a beautiful little girl with a heart as big as the hat she is wearing!
Mary Ronna

13 12 2011
Norma Remp

Memorable moment for the Albers boys, adorable.

Norma Remp

13 12 2011
Irene Casey

Nora Sheetal is most deserving as she has made such a brilliant adjustment to adoption and new life in USA.

13 12 2011
Mary Kraling

Nora Sheetal’s smile is contagious!!!

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