Haiti – Scenes of Life

#1. The sign says it all.

#2. A volunteer who collapsed from exhaustion recovers at one of the medical camps

#3. Downtown Port au Prince

#4. More from Downtown

#6. Miles of supplies at the UN compound awating distribution

#7. At the French Doctors Without Borders compound for orphans..."Applications are not being accpeted."

#8. Volunteers from around the world...from Canada...to Nepal...they all leave their mark.

#9. A new water well at For His Glory orphanage - and get this...they are going to run a pipe to the street and share the water with the community.

#10. The pediatric section of the Hopital de l' Universite d'Etat d'Haiti. The hospital itself was too damaged to work in.

#11.     A camp (under construction) for orphans and chidlren seperated from their parents…courtesy of the French.

#12. A school at the time of the earthquake.

#13. An entire hillside village destroyed.

#14. Words and images are not enough to describe the tragedy.

#15. Spontaneous sites of tents and tarps appear throughout the city.

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