Haiti – The Kids

#2. Children helping to unload a delivery truck

#3. Dr. Jane Aronson taking Jean for medical treatment

#4. KC educates us how Wings of Hope cares for 36 children with special needs.

Josephine at Wings of Hope

#5. Josephine at Wings of Hope

Daman Wayans Twin brother at Wings of Hope

#6. Damon Wayans twind brother at Wings of Hope

#7. The kids don't sit in their wheelchairs all day at Bible Comprehension #1

#8. Jean with Tom after his visit to Mission Baptist Hospital (to take Jean to the hospital he had to borrow shoes from another child)

#9. Learning more than giving at Wings of Hope. Josephine shows Tom his picture in the Wings of Hope brochure.

#10. Rebecca and Dave with NAME who works as an interpretor at an emergency medical camp

#11. Spending the day at the orphanage with nothing to do

#12. The view threw the bars at an orphanage

#13. The team at what we called "The Soccer". Why? Because some of the older kids asked for a soccer ball. One was delivered on Saturday.

#14. A Navy officer comforting a child at a medical camp

Kids hanging out on the edges of a camp for 10,000+ people

#15. Kids hanging out on the edges of a camp for 10,000+ people

#16. Part of the camps in Port au Prince

#17. Another spontaneous camp site with children

#18. Haitian's (including children) waiting for work at a U.S. military camp.

#19. Many children live in makeshift camps, some behind fences to keep them safe

#20. A young boy stands out.

#22. Young men in a makeshift camp.

#23. Children playing outside...and sleeping there too.

#24. Everyone contributes.

#25. The kids at #2.

#26. Dr. Araonson playing with the kids.

#27. Children wandering alone.

#28. More momentary smiles

#29. Rebecca collecting information from Dr. Benard

#30. Rebecca, Dr. Aronson and Steve coming back from a particularly difficult orphanage visit.

#31. Rebecca, Cheryl and Bobby, at the U.S. Embassy as Cheryl and Bobby waited for the children's travel approval.

#32. Dr. Aranson and Steve examing a 3 pound new born.

One response

1 03 2010
Laura Smith

I am glad you have contact with Dr Bernard. We adopted our son from his facility and he does wonderful work.

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