Haiti – It Was Always Beautiful

Both before and now after the earthquake, Haiti is a stunningly beautiful country.  Here a just a few images which show just a smidgen of the beauty that is Haiti.    So when you think ‘Haiti’, don’t just think of poverty and destruction…think a beautiful people and a beautiful country.

#1. A view from the hills

#2. An beautiful open air home in Petionville

#3. Looking through one of the many valleys

#4. Overlooking Port au Prince

#5. A local restaurant near the airport

#6. The hills are terraced for agriculture

#7. Is this France?

#8. The rising moon over Haiti

12 responses

8 11 2010

Haiti holds a VERY special place in my heart. We have adopted a daughter from Haiti. The people are BEAUTIFUL as is the country. Poverty, YES, but let’s all look past that and ask how we can help the most. JCICS is the best place to start.

1 11 2012

hi why tf you adopted a child from haiti you have to chill

22 02 2013

SHUT THE FUCK UP! it aint your business whether they did or not. DONT DISRESPECT MY COUNTRY LIKE THAT ASS HOLE!

23 08 2011

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with the world. It is a beautiful country, some areas reminds me of Florida.

18 01 2012
Lovett Falwell

never see or hear the good about this counrty & to see how beautiful it is amazes me…… such a beauty

23 09 2012

Haiti has it’s beautiful good places and it’s bad places just like every country in the world but regardless, it is a special place.

7 01 2013
Alix Brignol

The most isolated and intriguing country in the western hemisphere!

23 04 2015

shut the fuck up you look isolated you motherfucker all yall asshole does is talk shit suck some dick

18 10 2013

I’m awesome

21 01 2014
tika body

I’m really proud of my beautiful country #zoe #4life

20 05 2015

Love Haiti forever my country(Home) no matter what other think bout it . really never hear or see nice things bout this country do not make generalization about my country without go there or been there or witness don’t listen to what people say and say the same thing about Haiti. I’m proud to haitian. Special and beautiful place ever.

6 11 2016

Hey” i’m a Haitian Born 4 Life, and down 4 4what feel me…

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