Be The Answer for Banoo

7 11 2010

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I watched little Banoo come into the room and her face was so serious.  She is nearly five years old and had been found abandoned, malnourished and scarred by abuse.  Beautiful little Banoo has scars on her face, head, arms and legs from burns, marks on her wrist that indicates she was tied at some point.  She has been in the orphanage for nearly two years and although I didn’t see a smile cross her face during my visit, I saw intelligent eyes and the potential for a child to be happy.  We know Banoo will need a lot of love to get past the scars inflicted upon her – the ones that are visible and the ones that I’m sure exist and are invisible.  She will need counseling, support and patience to trust and know she will not be hurt or left hungry.

It’s not too late for Banoo.  Yes, she is underserved, but she yearns for love like all children.  It is not too late, but she still waits  for a family who cares.  To learn more about Banoo, contact Deb Dryer ( at Children’s Home Society and Family Services.  Children’s Home Society and Family Services website can be found by clicking here.

Were you inspired this week through these stories? Be the Answer for Banoo and other children by submitting your personal story about a child who impacted your life.  Your story will help us advocate for more children. Visit here for more information on how to submit your story!



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