Raising Awareness, Affecting Change

16 08 2011

Last week we distributed an Executive Report to Joint Council Members which forecasts the continued suffering of children in need of a safe and permanent family. If current policies are not changed, in the next ten years over 250,000 children will be denied their basic human right to a family.

On August 26th, the folks over at Both Ends Burning will bring much needed attention to this tragedy through their Step Forward for Orphans March. The march will highlight the needs and suffering of children living without parental care and the impact the crash of intercountry is having on them.

The march from the National Mall to the Capital is intended to raise awareness, motivate public action and most importantly, to enable more children to live in permanent, safe and loving families.

For more information on the March or to learn how to participate, see the Both Ends Burning Invitation Video or Events Page.



One response

17 06 2017
girls spa party

My thought is that the most essential thing to focus on in life
we should consider is living mindfully with care. The meaning
is that you are never bored or killing time, because both show that you just
aren’t being the best you can be. Time is a gift.

When it has to do with children, we have to always be our
best. We want children to always see a world at its greatest potential,
and always give a perfect example of someone being thier best.
Sp no one is perfect? Kids still deserve role models in everyone
around them, and so our example is nevertheless important.

Life is not a joke. It’s not so bad for kids, compared to our past
of few laws for worker protections, when they worked full time at eight, in a mine or
factory. In some less developed, this horrible practice
yet persists.

We have wrought something fine and good in Western culture.
It’s letting youth to be an unspoiled time of play.

Having the chance to be without having to punch a clock and earn a
living and all its stress is what makes childhood a time to remember.

Even so, our kids still experience stress. Imagining they live stress-free is completely outside of reality.

With many after-school programs each day, from dance and gymnatics to horseback riding and
tennis, as well as team sports such as basketball and soccer young students have many
chances to exercise and stay fit. But the negative
to thisdownside is they are perpetually busy.

Too many weekly tests to count, advanced learning tracks, and dealing with classmates and
instructors all can create stress. Kids need a break.

Our children’s spa parties have helped many girls to

We provide an actual spa experience for kids. Moms may dp the activities alongside the kids as well.

The idea that kids are without a care in the world is far from accurate in many
instances. Kids get stressed, and from some the same things as their parents, but some different stressors as well.

Kids worry. Kids have goals to meet. It’s great
to learn as much as we can about how to aid our kids be calm and still, because they
should be enjoying this time of growth and learning in their lives.
Our spa party services are authentic, and kids are
very happy to have the chance to not have to be stressed for a

We offer facials, Certified-pediatric Massage Therapy, mani, pedi with foot bath, and hair styling, along with over six crafts.
We’ve encountered adults who think it’s funny and say we’re spoiling little girls but I disagree.
We teach the kids that each of us has our own beauty, and that our state of mind, and emotions, is key.
Young people must understand this. Life is not just a
race to the top or end.

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