We Don’t Do It Alone

14 07 2011

When you think of Joint Council, do you think of only intercountry adoption? Hmmm…if you take a closer look you might just think a little differently.

While we’ll never abandon our historical and rightful commitment to intercountry adoption, in 2006 we set a goal to lead our coalition in using intercountry adoption as one of a broad array of programs that serve children and uplift families. 5 years later, we’ve achieved that goal. What we and our partners are doing in China is just one example of the work being done in country after country, including the U.S.

When Christina and I were doing our assessments and evaluations of eight orphanages, the names of our partner organizations kept coming up in ways you might not expect. The director of a Provincial Civil Affairs shared with us some of the great work of our coalition members…

“Bethany Christian services established our foster care system. We now have 120 children living with families.” (learn more about Bethany)

“This pre-school program is sponsored by Half The Sky. They help us care for 22 children during the day.” (learn more about Half The Sky)

“WACAP funded the construction of this 3-story accessibility ramp. Before WACAP, disabled children could not leave their floor. Now they can go for treatment or play outside.” (learn more about WACAP)

“Love Without Boundaries trained our caregivers on how to properly feed children with cleft palates. Now the formula nourishes the babies instead of just leaking out of their mouths. And they fund cleft surgeries for many of our babies. After the surgery, they care for the baby until they are healthy.” (learn more about Love Without Boundaries)

These and other Joint Council partners were highlighted as key players in the lives of orphans in the five cities we’ve visited so far. Amazing work, by amazing organization and amazing people!

But Joint Council and our partners don’t just lead new and innovative programs, we do them too! Just one example is this trip to China. The primary reason is our new Orphan Nutrition Program. You’ll be hearing more about the program and some of our newest partners in caring for orphans and vulnerable children in the coming weeks.

So stay tuned, take a closer look and think a little differently about Joint Council.





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