Sarah – An Intern’s Perspective

1 07 2011

Applying to be an intern at Joint Council was probably one of the best decisions I made this past year. After spending only two weeks in the office, I had already learned more about international adoption than I’d ever hoped to! This week, we were given the opportunity to visit Children’s Home Society & Family Services, an adoption agency with decades of international experience, to receive additional training on international adoption.

Since I have two adopted siblings from China, I’d watched my parents go through the “paper chase” of home studies, fingerprinting, dossiers and travel approvals without really understanding what was going on—then at CHSFS, I finally came to understand the “big picture” of the adoption process. More importantly (to me), I also learned more about the current issues in international adoption, and although I’ve always been mainly interested in China, the training has inspired me to involve myself more in adoption issues in other countries, including Ethiopia and South Korea.

The more I learn about international adoption, the more appreciative I am that Joint Council is here working to advocate for every child’s right to a family. I’m looking forward to learning even more over the course of this summer!

Sarah Neville
Community Outreach Intern



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