Dr. Jane Aronson Open Letter to Pres Clinton

16 03 2011

Dr. Jane Aronson, Founder and CEO of Worldwide Orphans Foundation and Joint Council Board Member, has issued an “open letter” to former President Bill Clinton where she pressed for stronger diplomatic efforts to reverse the Ethiopian government’s recent decision to halt international adoption in the country.

Aronson urged President Clinton to step in as a U.S. statesman to help negotiate between the Ethiopian government and American adoption agencies and parents, as he helped to secure the release of young journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee from North Korea.

A strategic plan for the de-institutionalization of orphaned children and community building is required to ensure the care and well-being of millions of Ethiopian orphans, stressed Aronson. “The Ethiopian government’s concerns must be addressed, but so must the concerns of the waiting parents and most of all, of the children.”

She said WWO and other nongovernmental organizations were prepared to sit down with Ethiopian government officials and large international NGOs like Unicef to assist the government in providing concurrent planning to strengthen adoption and social welfare infrastructures and to fill in the gap to ensure transparency in the adoption process.

The full letter can be found by clicking here.



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16 03 2011
Renae Richard

Halt? I thought they were just decreasing the caseload to insure ethical adoptions were happening! Hmmmm….

16 03 2011


16 03 2011

I too am concerned by the word “halt” in this letter… is this why all the silence since Friday?

16 03 2011
Be The Answer

I think you might be mis-interrupting the letter, please see this section in paragraph 2:

Now, the Ethiopian government has announced that it is
reducing the number of visas approved for adoption from 50 per
work day to five.

She uses the word “halted” in referring to history. This hasn’t happened in Ethiopia yet. And it may not. However, it is what has happened in other countries – she’s pointing out the historical pattern worldwide.

16 03 2011

my issue wasn’t with the letter..I think it is in the above summary of the letter which states

“where she pressed for stronger diplomatic efforts to reverse the Ethiopian government’s recent decision to halt international adoption in the country”

I think that is going to cause needless worry among parents. there is no halt as of now. just a reduction.

16 03 2011
Ellen Mathys

I also felt the word “halt” was misleading, but more importantly, the word “hostage” was unfortunate – I feel it changes the tone of the letter from fairly balanced and pleading, to hostile, which may undermine its impact with the Government of Ethiopia. But aside from that, I appreciate very much her effort to request high-level diplomatic asssistance with this complex and delicate issue.

16 03 2011

Is there a petition that the Joint Council might generate that our family and friends can sign that would encourage President Clinton to get involved? Thank you, Joint Council, for being the only seemingly reliable and attentive place to get updates.

This is a very painful and uncertain time for my husband and me, and we pray every day that we’ll be able to bring our boys home soon.

16 03 2011
Be The Answer

We’re working on a larger campaign to get The Clinton Foundation and other involved in the issues. We’ll update everyone as soon as the campaign is finished.

16 03 2011

Please don’t take too long… I just adopted from Nepal and wish the Joint council was more vocal and active in supporting us.

16 03 2011

Yes, I am very thankful for Joint Coucil’s work as well!

16 03 2011
Pamela Allen

So glad that someone like Dr. Aronson has the courage to step up to the plate like she is doing for the children in Ethiopia. I can’t help but wonder, though, why isn’t she or someone like her stepping up for the oprhans in Kyrgyzstan where the adoptions actually have come to a grinding halt? The child I hope to adopt has been waiting for almost three years for a family to call her own. She needs a hero right now, too!

19 04 2011
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