And the winner is…..

2 02 2011

Congrats to Liam and his family for winning the 2010-2011 Joint Council Sweet Child Of Mine Photo Contest!




4 responses

2 02 2011
Cathy Doheny

We are still waiting on further responses from JCICS regarding adherence to the “official rules” of the contest and the discrepancies in their voting system. We thank all of Jade’s fans for their votes, support and patience in this matter!

2 02 2011
J Miller

I don’t understand!! We all worked hard, putting the word out there and getting her up from being 6% down to 2% over before midnight. So all our posts over and over on facebook was for nothing? I for one would certainly like to know how they came to this conclusion!!

2 02 2011
Julie Beckstein

What?!? It showed last night that clearly Jade had won!! This is not right at all. How disappointing.

3 02 2011
Di, Dave, & Sophie

What a lovely result! An excellent choice all who voted! This photo shows exactly what JCICS is all about, a child being the center of a loving family!

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