Time’s running out for those last minute donations…just hours to go!

30 12 2010

You have less than 48-hours to make a tax-deducible donation to Joint Council and have that donation matched! Thanks to some of our biggest supporters every dollar you donate will be matched up to $20,000. Need another reason to make that donation to Joint Council? In 2010, Joint Council, our member organizations and you accomplished great things. As a collective group we:

  • Served over 2 million children and families worldwide.  We preserved thousands of families and created news ones through domestic and intercountry adoption.
  • Ensured over 40,000 children and families were served in Haiti following the earthquake in January 2010.
  • Our voices helped ensure intercountry adoptions from Russia continued – over 25,000 of us signed a petition that was hand delivered to both Presidents!
  • Preserved over 1 million families in Ethiopia and gave over 2,000 children from Ethiopia a family through intercountry adoption.
  • Gave a voice to the voiceless orphaned children of the world through our I Am the Answer Campaign.

And in 2011 we will:

  • Serve more children and families than in any previous year.  Our goal is to collectively serve over 5 million children and families!
  • Ensure that ethical intercountry adoptions from Ethiopia continue. In 2011 we’ll join with the Ethiopian government, the U.S. government, UNICEF and with you to fight for the rights of orphaned children in Ethiopia.
  • Develop a Joint Council of Haiti to ensure we can more effectively serve the children and families in need.
  • Work with the Guatemalan government, the U.S. government and the Guatemala900 to ensure that the 400 remaining intercountry adoptions are completed and the children are living with their loving families.
  • Continue to work with the Russian government and Russian child welfare professionals to prevent he abuse of orphans and other vulnerable children.

Joint Council has big goals for the children of our world, but we cannot do it alone. Each contribution you make ensures that in 2011 we will meet each and every goal and impact the lives of the children that you care about so deeply.

With only two days left in 2010, what is left to do?




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