23 12 2010

Looking for that last minute Christmas gift?  Here are three reasons why that gift should be a donation to Joint Council in honor of a loved one:
Why Joint Council? Because as you know, every child needs to live in a family.  Joint Council’s work with governments and other non-profits is key in ensuring that children live in a family.  Not to mention, 100% of your donation to Joint Council goes to our programs & services to children!
Why now? Tell that loved one how your smart donation of $50 turned into a $100 donation in their honor!  This Holiday Season, your tax-deductible donations to Joint Council are doubled!  Every donation up to $20,000 in December is matched by a group of our most generous donors!
What for?  In 2010, Joint Council and our member organizations provided $620 million in programs to children and family. And together with our partners, and donors like you, we served over 2 million children and families.  In 2011, we’re launching a new orphan nutrition program which will ensure more children living outside of families will the best start in life!  We are the voice for children in need!  And, often, the hand that feeds them.
Donate Today!




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