A Message from President & CEO, Tom DiFilipo

16 12 2010

Hello All and Happy Holidays!

Maybe you have already generously given to a cause this year.  Perhaps you have given to more than one. You may have even given to Joint Council.  If you did or if you didn’t, I ask that this Holiday Season, you will send just a small portion of your total giving to our cause – a family for every child.

 There are many causes out there.  Save The Children helps make sure that children survive.  Care, World Vision, and Keep a Child Alive do the same thing.  All are asking for and deserving of your support during this time of year.

 Yes, there are many organizations providing children with nutrition, medical care, and other things they need to survive.  But don’t children need more than to simply survive? We believe children need to be born into a stable family.  They need to live in a safe family.  They need to grow old in a caring family.  And when they pass – they should do it in the loving embrace of their family.

 We all die don’t we?  And death takes many different forms.  For children living in an institution, for children living on the streets, for children victimized in the sex-trade –they die one day at a time – they die long before their heart stops beating.

 Don’t stop helping children survive – but please help us give them more than just food, more than clean water, more than hope.  Help us give each child the safety he needs and the love she deserves.  Help us make sure that children live, grow and flourish in a family.  Help us ensure that advocacy for the most vulnerable continues. 

 If you can donate this year, just click here. If you can donate all year long please call us. If you want to make a difference in a child’s life this is all it takes. And this holiday season your 2010 tax-deductable donations to Joint Council are matched dollar for dollar! 

 Thanks for helping us prevent children from living and dying alone.  Thanks for helping us in whatever way you can.

 From our family to yours…

 Tom DiFilipo




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