Be The Answer for Iraqi Children

23 11 2010

To learn more about Joint Council’s National Adoption Month Advocacy Campaign-Click Here

Today’s story is some of  the most disturbing and graphic footage you will see to date. The story is so emotional that we only want to focus on these young boys for the day. Watch the CBS News Video “Orphans Left to Starve in Iraq”

These young boys have found one part of their answer- release from the horrific conditions of the orphanage.  This year, thousands will not carve a turkey, break bread, or toast together.  They will not give thanks with their family, because they simply don’t have one. This Holiday we ask you to join us in ensuring more children, like these boys, or like Jason, who grew up in U.S. foster care, live in families.  And more families, like the Bates family, who are waiting to adopt a daughter from Kyrgyzstan, are able to give these children a loving home. Donate $40, the average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner, to Joint Council so that more children can live, grow and thrive in the love of a family.  Because everyone deserves to have a family to be thankful for…

Click here to give.  Your $40 will be used to advocate for children and families around the world.




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