The Answer for The Howerton Family

22 11 2010

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The Howerton Family gave a child An Answer.  Kembe, although adopted, doesn’t yet have U.S. citizenship.  But you can change that.  Give Kembe and the 1200 Haitian children who came to the U.S. on Humanitarian Parole a voice.  Here’s what to do:  Contact via phone and/or email your Representative and respectfully request their support of the Help Haiti Act.  For detailed information regarding the legislation, please read below.  To find your Representative, please click here. 2) Once you have contacted your representative, please let us know by e-mailing

HELP Haiti Act (H.R.5283)

The HELP Haiti Act was introduced by Representative Fortenberry in response to the needs of 1,200 children who entered the U.S. through Humanitarian Parole after the earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010.

Using Humanitarian Parole to unite children with their adoptive families was a true act of humanitarianism.  Unfortunately, a barrier still exists which causes significant and undue delays in providing American citizenship to these children.  This is especially critical for older children who continue to ‘age out’

This bill grants no special considerations to the children but rather places them on the same path to citizenship enjoyed by all other internationally adopted children.



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