The Answer for Delmace

21 11 2010

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He has been my son for as long as I have known him (almost 3 years)…  I knew from the first time I laid eyes on him that he and I were supposed to be together – I didn’t think it was possible at that point, but, in my heart, I always felt that there was something that connected us…  There was a reason for us to meet.

His name is Delmace.  He is 4 and a half years old.  He was born in Haiti.  He doesn’t remember his birth parents – they abandoned him when he was 10 months old.  He was sick – suffering from TB and Malaria, and he was malnourished…  But, he was lucky.  His parents brought him to a hospital, waited to see that he would be cared for – and then, never returned.

In addition Delmace is also physically disabled, unable to walk.  In a country where caring for a healthy child, one who can walk and run, often pushes families to their limits, the prospect of caring for a child who might never walk, would never attend school, would never hold a job, and would be viewed as a constant burden, must have been overwhelming.

He spent 7 months in that hospital – getting healthy, and waiting for his family to return.  But they never did.  He doesn’t really remember his time there.  I am fortunate to have a few photos of him then – taken by a volunteer who helped care for him.  He likes to look at himself as a baby, but he has no connection to that place.

The first home he remembers, his first family, the home where he lived for 2 and a half years before he finally came home to me, is a wonderful organization for children with disabilities in Fermathe. Although  I am his Mama –  this is his other family (and mine too).  He stills calls the other children there his brothers and sisters, the caretakers he was so fond of are like loving aunts and uncles to him.  He was loved and nurtured and valued there.  I am grateful everyday for the people who looked out for him.  But he still needed his own Mama.  And he needed all the opportunities that would never exist for him in Haiti because of his disability.  I needed my son.

So, I asked if it was possible.  They said “yes”, and we started the process.  Then the earthquake happened, and I feared the worst.  Even after I got word that he was OK, I worried constantly.  Finally, after the longest 3 weeks of my life, Delmace came home.  And now, I cannot imagine my life without him.

Home for Delmace is now the “green house in Boston” (as he calls it) – or “kay Mama Cathy and Delmace” (as he called it when he first arrived).  It is not far from Fenway Park, where he loves to watch the Red Sox play baseball as much as I do.  He is my son through and through.  He loves pizza,  tacos and ice cream.  He loves books, music and snuggling on the couch.  He is a typical little boy who loves anything with wheels, and loves to go fast.  He is thriving in the public school system in Boston, where, even though he has a wheelchair, he is just “one of the kids”.  He has a strong desire to be independent and to do things on his own, and he never lets his disability stop him from trying anything.  Delmace plays soccer and baseball and basketball.  He participates in dance class, and does drumming and yoga.  He rides bikes and scooters with the other kids in the neighborhood.  He loves to roll in piles of freshly raked leaves, and even though it’s hard, he climbs to the top of the jungle gym.  He is happy and confident and loving.  And he is loved.

He is  caring and compassionate.  And has not forgotten his first family…  Haiti is a topic of daily conversation in our house.  He talks about his friends there all the time, and wonders why they can’t have the same opportunities that he has.  He is looking forward to the day he can go back to visit Haiti, and is already saving and collecting gifts to bring to his friends.

He will make a difference in the world.

He is truly the light of my life, and I am proud and honored to be his Mama.

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4 responses

21 11 2010
Donna Wilkers

It was so wonderful to see you shared Delmace’s story! It looks like he is thriving in your loving home. May God bless you both!

22 11 2010
Diana Boni

Welcome home, Delmace. I believe your future will be very bright!

22 11 2010
23 11 2010
Donna LeCam

I loved reading this heartwarming story! Both mama and son are very lucky! I wish you both a life of blessings together!

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