The Answer for Josie

13 11 2010

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Forever and ever changed . . . yes, that is the position we find ourselves in. The Nelson six pack became the Nelson variety pack and we find ourselves forever changed.
In January of 2006 my husband and I took our four kids over to Kenya to volunteer in an orphanage with the hopes of showing our children that there is a big world out there that exists beyond the riches of America. We spent three months volunteering in a local Nairobi orphanage with no intentions of adopting and big plans to open our arms wide and love on these kids who innocently find themselves trapped within the quagmires of a children’s institution. Success. Total victory. We all fell in love with the idea and knew that God had called us to adopt.

We returned later that year, on Christmas Day, to adopt two orphaned Kenyan girls. After a disappointment with one little angel (whom you can read about here) the Lord surprised us with Josie. Meeting Josie is a special story in itself. . . a story worth sharing. I actually joined my friend on a visit to an orphanage because she wanted to expose her only child to babies. Well, an orphanage is a great place for that. That’s for sure. Walking into the building was an emotional experience, for me, as I was grieving the loss of the little girl who we thought was going to be part of our family. Inward turmoil was swallowing me up. The sight of all the babies was both depressing and overwhelming. While fighting the tears I kept hearing a little girl crying. Determined to ignore her because I wasn’t open, at that moment, to the idea of exposing my heart to an infant and risk being hurt again, I cranked my neck in the opposite direction of her plight for help. My heels were dug in. However, little did I know, my strong willed daughter was going to keep calling for me. Josie was lying on a mat crying continuously . . . she needed to be burped and she wasn’t going to give up. We wordlessly battled against each others will. Needless to say, but I am so grateful – she won. I picked up that nine pound angel and she proceeded to empty the entire contents of her stomach on me and then greeted me with a huge grin. Her beautiful, toothless smile captured my heart and our lives have never been the same. Forever changed.
When I returned to the townhouse we had rented (Kenya requires a year in country stay to adopt) I asked my husband to step outside. He looked into my eyes and knew something very incredible had happened. I asked him if he would be willing to jump in a cab and take a trip to meet the child I believed God was giving us to adopt. He was a bit confused as two hours earlier we were not sure what direction our family was to go in after facing a closed door with Mercy. After explaining the story to my husband he said, “Sure, I’m open. Can we go see her?” Together we went back to the orphanage to see “Baby C.” When the director or the orphanage brought her out the myth that a four month old can’t smile was forever squashed. Former Baby C, now Josie, looked into my husband’s eyes and threw that same irresistible smile at him and we held each other crying and thanking God at the same time. What a wonderful feeling to feel that perfect peace that passes all understanding. We both knew that Josie was ours.
That February day in 2007 has been deeply imprinted into our lives. It is now 2010 and we are getting ready to celebrate Josie’s fourth birthday in October. Our variety pack family strongly supports and encourages adoption. One family cannot change the whole world but one family can certainly change the whole world for one child. Josie is a happy, well adjusted four year old who loves life. She adores her four teenage siblings and is quick to say she hates the word college. Having to say good-bye
to two siblings was heart-wrenching for her. It is incredible to watch and listen to her tote a cell phone around talking to them like she’s a little adult. Yes, I’ll say it again, we are forever changed.

This was The Answer for Josie, Be The Answer for another child today by buying an adoption book (Click the link for a list of recommendation) and donate it to your local library to raise awareness about adoption in your community!




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13 11 2010
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