Be The Answer for Lei

10 11 2010

To learn more about Joint Council’s National Adoption Month Advocacy Campaign-Click Here

Hello! My name is Lei. I was born in May of 2004.

What does it take to find me a family? I have waited for you through the seasons—spring, summer, fall and now it is almost winter again. I would like a family!

I came into the orphanage as a  infant because I have a bum hand and arm and a foot issue that is better. I can walk on tiptoe through the puddles in the spring.  I can jump like a frog in the summer! I can jump rope and run in the fall and in the winter I can walk strongly. I can do many things with my deformed arm and hand. I can zip my jacket and all the things other kids do. Of course, I can feed myself and dress myself and  I can write, make things with play doh and draw. My teacher sometimes displays my artwork on the wall. My health is good and I like to stay active. I do well in school  especially in math and art. I like running with my classmates. My teachers often say I am a hard worker and studious. I am a doer! I have an outgoing personality and am usually a happy guy. When I get frustrated or sad I like to play with my foster sister or my friend Xin and then I feel better. I like TV and “Sheep and Wolf” and “Armed Warriors” are my favorite shows. I like shrimp, dumplings, congee, and steamed pork. I am not a picky eater!  have strong and sensitive feelings and when I see others leave with their parents it is hard. I like my foster family but want someone  of my own who I can call Mom and Dad. I would like a family before I go through another season.

If you are interested in adopting Lei, contact Kelly deRosier at Children’s Home Society and Family Services.

Be The Answer for Lei. Using our iAMtheanswer sign (Or make your own), take a picture of yourself showing your support for the I Am The Answer Campaign. Once you’ve done that make it your Facebook or blog picture and keep it there for the rest of the month! Submit to Joint Council at with your name, contact phone number, and an email address so we can post it on our Facebook page.  By doing this you’ll be entered to win a $50 gift card to Target!




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