The Answer for Rose

8 11 2010

Rose turns 13 today! All of us here at Joint Council want to wish Rose a Very Happy Birthday!

To learn more about Joint Council’s National Adoption Month Advocacy Campaign-Click Here

Adoption was The Answer for Rose.  Help other children who don’t yet have an answer by helping one of the many, many wonderful organizations working in Haiti, Haitian Roots.  Six Seeds will donate $2 to Haitian Roots for every comment left after this article! Each comment has to have a unique email address, but if you have more than one address, you can comment more than once.  It’s a simple and easy way to help orphaned children get the education they need!




19 responses

8 11 2010
Tamra Lewis


8 11 2010
Diana Boni

Happy birthday, Dear One! We are so grateful you are home!

8 11 2010

Happy Birthday Rose! I am grateful that adoption is an answer for many but hope that many others can also be the answer for these children.

8 11 2010

Thank you for sharing your story, and yes, thank you Jesus that you spoke and that her parents heard!

8 11 2010

Blessings to you Rose!

8 11 2010

12 years seems like a long time to wait for a mom and dad and brothers, but I am so, so glad your parents heard God’s voice and said yes. Yes to the beautiful gift of having you in their family! Thanks for sharing your story.

8 11 2010

Happy birthday Rose!!!!

8 11 2010
Susan Orban

I tell Jesus “thank you” too!

8 11 2010

Happy birthday Rose

8 11 2010

Happy birthday Rose! I have 2 beautiful Haitian children as well.

8 11 2010

Thank you, Rose, for sharing your heart! Thank you, Jesus, Lord and King!

8 11 2010

Rose you are beautiful!

8 11 2010

Blessings on your Birthday!

8 11 2010

Happy Birthday, Rose!

9 11 2010
Andre Jean

Pretty nice video Rose. We really enjoyed it. Happy Belated Birthday. May God bless you and keep you. We love you.

From Andre, Justine and Alberta

9 11 2010
Colleen Thornbrugh

Beautiful! Happy Birthday Rose!

15 11 2010

Happy belated birthday, Rose! I was going to say Hope all your birthday wishes come true – but from the video – it looks like they have! Hugs and kisses to the entire Wilkers family.

27 11 2010
Nancy Kern

This is beautiful, it moved me to tears…=)

7 11 2011


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