Be Their Voice – by Rebecca Harris

8 10 2010

When I speak to a group of adoptive families one of the first questions I ask is, “How many of you traveled to the country your child was adopted from?”  The next question I ask, “How many of you think of another child you met in the orphanage and wonder what they are doing now?  And how they are?”  And then I ask, “How many of you have followed up on that kid?”  “And how many of you learned that the child isn’t thriving?  That they are barely surviving?  Or worst, they have died alone in an orphanage?”  Next month, as part of our National Adoption Month advocacy, we’ll be sharing with you some of the stories of children who are lost and alone in this world…or who lost their lives, alone.  We’ll be sharing with you how we, as a global society, failed these children.  If you know the story of child who missed out on one of the most basic rights a child has, a right to be in a safe and permanent family, then send us their story.  Click here to learn how.




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