Rachel – A Joint Council intern on her last day

6 08 2010

Rachel Heend is currently a sophomore at the College of William and Mary. She intends to double major in Psychology and Hispanic Studies. Rachel spent her summer interning at Joint Council.

Walk in, say the “Good Mornings!” to Tom and Rebecca, chat with my fellow interns, sit at my desk and start my day. This is the routine that I have grown accustomed to since June 1st. It’s weird to think that a little more than 2 months ago I was just starting at Joint Council. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was nervous, excited, eager, and somewhat intimidated by Tom, although I tried my best not to show it. Now it is my last day at Joint Council, and I can for sure say that I no longer feel nervous or intimidated. My experience at Joint Council has surpassed my expectations. Tom, Rebecca, and all the interns have provided me with such an open, comfortable, educational and fun environment, making me always feel excited and able to NOT dread coming to work. I couldn’t ask for anything more after hearing my friends’ horror stories from their internships.

Coming into this internship as the youngest, I thought that connecting with my fellow co-workers, and gaining respect for my work and from my peers was going to be difficult. From the first day, all my preconceived notions and worries were wiped away. Like I mentioned before, the atmosphere at Joint Council is absolutely incredible. There is a sense of team-work and a unique collaboration effort between everyone that has created a positive environment and successful organization. Observing Tom and Rebecca, and collaborating with the interns has taught me so much and has opened my eyes to a whole new career path. Although I am sad to leave Joint Council, I am also very excited to start my second year of college with this great experience under my belt.

It is now nearing the end of the work day. Instead of finishing up file organization, cleaning up my desk for the day to only get it messy again tomorrow, and saying the “see you tomorrow’s!” to everyone, I am now completing the file organization (thank goodness!), clearing out my desk, and saying my final “good-bye’s!” to everyone in the office.  This has been a wonderful summer internship, and I want to spend my last few words thanking Tom, Rebecca, Jamie, Michelle, Karissa, and Megan for making that possible. Finally, I want to pass on some useful advice to the new interns: there is no shame in bringing delicious baked goods into the office. From my own experience at Joint Council, some home-made or even store-bought cupcakes are always a crowd pleaser and have been proven to increase work efficiency. ; ] Good luck!



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