Moving Past Humanitarian Parole: A Webinar

13 07 2010
Joint Council is partnering with Adoption Learning Partners to host a free webinar entitled: Moving Past Humanitarian Parole:  A Webinar on Finalizing a Haitian Adoption and Gaining U.S. Citizenship for Adopted Children On Thursday, July 15th from 2-3:30 pm eastern standard time.  United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the National Benefits Center, and Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute will highlight the process for families who currently serve as sponsors to children who arrived from Haiti on USCIS’s humanitarian parole program. The webinar will go over the process of how families can process adoptions of these children and begin their citizenship process.  Please note that participants must register for the event. Although the webinar is free we encourage all participants to assist Joint Council in covering the costs of the webinar and its advocacy in Haiti, by clicking here to donate

 Recommended participants are families who currently host children on the humanitarian parole program, as well as, adoption service providers and lawyers who may be assisting families through the adoption and citizenship process. Please be advised that space is limited. Therefore, if you are NOT a family who is currently hosting children on the humanitarian parole program, an adoption service provider or lawyers who may be assisting families through the adoption and citizenship process, please do NOT participate

 Please also note, participants will be muted during the webinar and can only direct questions through the “questions tab.”  Understanding that the presenters are not able to answer individual case questions in this setting, any general questions you would like them to cover can be directed to  Questions regarding the webinar in general can also be directed to

 Reserve your Webinar seat now at: 

 Once you have registered for the webinar you will receive instructions as to the process on July 15, 2011 and 2 pm and your confirmation link. Please save that confirmation e-mail as to eliminate problems that may arise.




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