The Baby Business – What Are Your Thoughts?

16 06 2010

Democracy Journal has published The Baby Business, an article written by EJ Graff, author of The Lie We Love.   We encourage you to read this article in which Ms. Graff has taken a ‘solutions oriented’ approach to the issue of corruption.   Of note are the eight recommendations to reduce incidents of corruption or abuse.

We encourage you post your thoughtful comments in the comments section below.    The publication of this article is certain to stimulate our ongoing dialogue regarding standards and ethics.

At the invitation of Ms. Graff and the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism, Joint Council has submitted commentary on The Baby Business.  It is our understanding that our comments will be published on the Brandeis University website early next week.




One response

21 06 2010

The number of unethical international adoptions compared to the number of ethical international adoptions is miniscule. Yes the selling of babies is wrong. Yes this problem needs to be addressed. The flip side is that there are many unwanted orphans out there who need parents. Have you ever set foot in an Eastern European orphanage? Show me the happy healthy babies in those places. Many families have adopted from those institutions. Those children are not wanted nor are they adequately cared for. The health issues are numerous. I do find it funny how these unwanted unhealthy children flourish when they get in loving families. Your article fails to address that side of the international adoption argument.

Your focus on small number of international adoptions with problems is shortsighted. The majority of international adoptions are legitimate and the outcome is positive for the child and the family. Has anyone ever done a long term study on that?

A fair argument presents both sides of the issue. Your articles do not do that.

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