Help All Children Have Fathers

10 06 2010

Happy Father’s Day!

Some of my happiest memories from childhood are of my father.  Slow dancing while I stepped on his feet; the nights he let me stay up late as we curled up to watch Cheers and MASH together, and being enveloped in his comforting arms when I was upset.

Throughout this trip to Haiti, I can’t help but think of all the children who have lost so much.  Thousands of children have lost their fathers.  They will never again feel their father’s love, kindness and warmth.  These children have lost a basic human right.

This Father’s Day, help ensure more children know the love and kindness of a father.  Honor the dads (or granddads) in your life by making a contribution to Joint Council. 

 With every $30 or more donation to Joint Council between now and Father’s Day (June 20) you will not only ensure more children have a father to celebrate but Joint Council will also send a personalized postcard or e-card in honor of a special dad in your life.  


Rebecca Harris

Director of Programs & Services


Click here to donate now!




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