Seeing Miracles in Haiti

9 06 2010
We have now been in Haiti for five days.  The miracles in Haiti since our last trip, two weeks after the earthquake, are quite remarkable.  It’s amazing to see the spirit of Haitians, their will to fight, to survive.  Despite the destruction, despite the pain, despite the rains that have come nearly every day for weeks and threaten to slowly destroy the tarp shelters they have built in the last five months.

Over the last five days, we’ve joined our colleagues in Haiti to advocate at the IBESR (the governmental body which governs children’s issues in Haiti), the U.S. Embassy, UNICEF, and other child welfare organizations in Haiti.  Although these meetings are important and have been very productive, it’s the children who remind me exactly why Joint Council’s advocacy is so important.  It’s the children who have shown me everything there is to know about strength and endurance.  It’s seeing the smile of remembrance on Rene’s face when we entered the orphanage he calls home.  It’s the hope and love in his eyes.  It’s the two-year-old at another orphanage, who stuck up her arms begging to be held, loved, and nurtured, and who, after 15 minutes, fell asleep in my arms.  It’s these children who receive little, yet are able to give unending love.

It’s these children, and the families who are struggling now more than ever to stay together, that Joint Council returns to Haiti to advocate for, support, and give strength to.  We are here to fight for their right to safety, permanency, and love.  Please join us in this fight by donating to support Joint Council’s efforts in Haiti.

Rebecca Harris, Director of Programs and Services

To make a donation to support Joint Council’s work Haiti, click here.




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