Russia – U.S. Government to Meet with Russian Officials

27 04 2010

The U.S. government, represented by seven officials from the Department of State and Department of Homeland Security, will meet with Russian officials in Moscow on Thursday, April 29, 2010.  The substance of the meetings will focus on an agreement between the two countries related to intercountry adoption.

The Russian government has called for the signing of an agreement for the past few years and again in the wake of the recent tragedy.   According to Russian officials, the continuation of intercountry adoption between the U.S. and Russia is contingent upon an agreement which formalizes the adoption process between the two countries and increases the protections offered to children and families.

Joint Council fully supports an agreement between Russia and the United States and continues to offer input on those elements of an agreement which would realistically increase child protection measures.   While it is not expected that an agreement will be signed on Thursday, we continue to advocate for timely negotiations and the continuation of intercountry adoption during the negotiation period.




One response

4 05 2010
Jody R. Krier

I am in the process of adopting a child from Russia. My agency is Small World Adoption Foundation of Missouri, Inc. I understand from my agency that things are continuing forward with families going to Russia for their first trips as well as going to court and taking the children home on their second trip to the U.S. I am finishing the foreign paperwork and then will be waiting for a referral….I have been in the process for almost a year, and am really looking forward to being a mother. I hope that I will be able to adopt from Russia…I have worked so hard for this to happen. Thank you for your efforts in helping and for providing all of the information to those of us who are in the process. Sincerely, Jody R. Krier

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