Haiti – Clarification on New Adoption Applications

27 04 2010

The text of the announcement by the Department of State states:  “We encourage prospective adoptive parents to submit their adoption applications directly through the IBESR…”.   This may be interpreted as instructing adoptive families to submit their applications directly to IBESR either in-person or through a courier.   This statement could also be interpreted  that adoptive families are encouraged to conduct an independent adoption directly with a local attorney or creche.  It is our understanding that neither independent adoptions or in-person applications were the intent of the statement by the Department of State.

Independent Adoptions:   It is Joint Council’s long standing assessment that adoptive families should not pursue an independent adoption in Haiti due to the risks of processing errors, illegalities and exposure to scams.

Submitting an Application to IBESR:  It is Joint Council’s position and understanding that adoptive families are not required, nor encouraged, to submit an application in-person.  Applications can be submitted by an adoption service provider and/or the creche with which they are associated.

All adoptions including the certification of the child’s status as adoptable and approval of the adoptive parent(s), must be conducted by IBESR.   Adoption service providers and creches are not authorized to approve a child, family or match.  Again, the approval must be conducted by IBESR.

Joint Council has prepared a Summary Report on Intercountry Adoption in Haiti which should be published tomorrow, Wednesday, April 28, 2010.




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