We Are The Truth – Family Stories and Photo Album

16 04 2010

The response to our call to We Are The Truth has been overwhelming – in the best of ways.   In only a few days over 23,000 signed the letter to Presidents Medvedev and Obama.   Hundreds participated in Adoption Blogger Day.  And hundreds more helped us create a number of We Are The Truth Family Stories and Photo Album.  Below are links to first of We Are the Truth Family Stories and Photos Album, which highlight some of the success stories Joint Council has been sent over the last week.  This is the first in a series of Stories and Photo Albums , which will be published in English and Russian over the coming weeks.

All of us at Joint Council have had the honor of reading the stories and seeing the pictures of hundreds of adoptive families.  These stories and pictures put a meaning and a face to the work we do.  And they will give government officials, the public and those thinking about adopting a fuller sense of the truth – the vast majority of adoptions result in a real family, with real struggles, real triumphs and all that life brings.

Yes, there are challenges and tragedies and more needs to be done.   Our communities commitment is to do just that – to do more  – to do it better – to find more families for the children of our world.

So a huge Thank You to all of the families who have sent us their amazing stories and beautiful pictures of successful Russian adoptions.   Thank you for telling your truth and sharing it with the world.

For the English version, click here.

For the Russian version, click here.





2 responses

16 04 2010
Jen (redkitchen)

Yesterday I blogged about our wonderful and blessed adoption journey. Please read our story. Thanks!

21 04 2010

We had a very successful Russian adoption. We brought our daughter, Anna, home almost two years ago and she is the light of our lives. Our blog is http://www.adventuretoanna.blogspot.com.

We are so thankful to have our beautiful Russian Siberian Princess!


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