We Are The Truth Adoption Blogger Day Thank You

15 04 2010

Thank you to the following 37 bloggers who have shared their Truth on Adoption Blogger Day:

And so many more!

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15 04 2010
15 04 2010

Court date in Russia April 21st. Our family is anxious and hoping all will work out.

15 04 2010


15 04 2010
Gotcha Baby » We Are the Truth

[…] I don’t know that there’s a McLinky for today’s event. But if you’re in the mood for some Adoption Truth, I’d start with the GIMH’s list of 101 best Adoption Blogs. And click here to learn more about We Are The Truth A Campaign and Call to Action EDITED TO ADD: Here’s a link to other We Are the Truth posts. […]

15 04 2010


I posted about talking to your child about adoption.


15 04 2010
Jan Williams

totally in love with and devoted to our 16 year old son from Ukraine!

15 04 2010
Becky Kennedy

We have been home from Russia for two months now and couldn’t be happier. Our little son is our WORLD!

15 04 2010
Greta Freeman

We adopted our 1st son from Russia in 2003. He was 8 mths old when we brought him home, and he is an absolute angel! He has been the sweetest, easiest child to raise! He is so loving! I remember when he was about 18 mths to 2 yrs old, his BEST days were when he could sit between his dad and me and be touching both of us! It was SO precious! Even now, at 7 yrs old, he still loves nothing more than sitting next to us cuddling as we watch tv, or just talk. Adoption is truly a “love” thing, and I can’t imagine my life without my children.

15 04 2010

I am the aunt to three beautiful little girls. All three were adopted from China. Niece1 came home at the age of 7mo, Niece2 at 16mo, and Niece3 at 22mo. N1 was such a wonderful baby, but had frequent night terrors – fear of abandonmnet. They are gone. N2 had issues with food, we couldn’t feed her fast enough. But, after around 6mo, she finally understood that there would always be food available to her whenever she wanted it. She still has some medical issues, but nothing serious. N3 had become accustomed to having her feet put through crib rails and tied together so that they wouldn’t fall out of the crib. That broke my sister’s heart and refused to let her sleep in a crib again.

All three are well adjusted little girls and much loved in our family.

I also have three cousins adopted from Korea. The two boys had some issues, but nothing to serious as they adjusted. The younger of the two was 4 when he came home and had serious issues with food, as in fear of not getting more later. He’s outgrown that now. Both boys are very successful, well adjusted, and important parts of the family. The third child was a girl. She was 6mo when she came home. She was also well adjusted. However, she died of primary pulmonary hypertension at the age of 15. It was fairly quick. Her life in the family has left its mark and so has her death, even 12 years later.

16 04 2010

We are eternally grateful for the opportunity to adopt our russian angel from Russia. We only hope and pray that many others can share in the same experience.

16 04 2010

Thanks for setting up a place to share bout the wonders of adoption! I wrote a post about our recent adoption.

16 04 2010

Thank you for collecting these links. I was glad to be able to participate in some small way.

Best wishes to everyone waiting right now.

17 04 2010
25 04 2010
3 05 2010

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