Her Truth: The mother of a Joint Council staff member shares her family’s story

15 04 2010

My then-husband and our two biological children adopted two children from South Korea in l987.  Megan and John are biological siblings, whose parents died as a result of a house fire.  Their biological grandma sold her house to pay the medical bills for her son and daughter-in-law and Megan and John.  When their grandma and her remaining children decided they could not care for Megan and John they took them to an orphanage.  A short time later we were the lucky family who adopted them.

Both Megan and John have some burn scars but nothing that you pay attention to, after you actually meet them.  Our biological children were the same ages and it was a rousing household for a long time!  Frankly, I can’t imagine what life would have been without each of the four of them.

Sure, there were problems — we saw police, the court systems, and lots of doctors but we also saw kids grow up without prejudice, take leadership roles in their jobs and communities, become responsible adults, hold down jobs while attending college, have good jobs, and develop long-term and loving friendships and partnerships.  I wouldn’t change a second of it!

Please note the names of the family members have been changed to protect their identity.



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