Let the World Know Your Truth!

14 04 2010

To ensure the world knows about every successful adoption, on Thursday, April 15, 2010 blog about your adoption or the adoption of someone you know.  It doesn’t matter if your adoption is with Russia, domestic or otherwise international.  Let the world know your truth!

These Blogers have already committed to  blogging their successful stories tomorrow. If you would like your blog listed, comment on the wall post on our facebook fan page or on this post and we will add you! Be sure to check them out! Let the world know your truth!




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14 04 2010

I’ll be posting about our positive adoption experience tomorrow! We adopted from Ukraine in 2007, and are in process to (hopefully) do so again this year!

14 04 2010

I will be blogging tomorrow! April 15, 2004 was the day we landed in the US with our first son from Russia.

14 04 2010

I will blog about my adoption tomorrow.

14 04 2010

I will definitely be blogging about my adoption tomorrow. I was adopted from Russia in 1991 and I couldn’t have asked for a more loving family!

14 04 2010

I’ll be doing it too.


14 04 2010
Anne Hughes

I will blog tomorrow further about my adoptive daughters, one from Russia as an older child adoption and one domestically as an infant.

14 04 2010
Julianne Green

I will blog for TRUTH day!!


15 04 2010
15 04 2010

Here is my post.

15 04 2010

Shame on you JCICS for claiming that only those with “successful” adoptions have the corner on the TRUTH! I spend my days talking to desperate parents searching for help, hope and healing for their traumatized children, many adopted from international orphanages. It’s a full-time unpaid job linking them to the underwhelming number of resources out there. The story is often the same — our agency didn’t train us, our agency didn’t follow up, when I called our agency they had no answers, they told me that reporting our problems would shut down adoptions, etc. These types of calls and emails happen every single week into our organization!

Just knowing there are other families out there who have less-than-successful adoptions (raising traumatized children with dangerous behaviors) goes a long way toward keeping many of these families from disrupting their adoptions or worse. Having the support of other families and the knowledge of what resources are out there gives many the hope to keep on perservering.

But the We Are the Truth campaign basically throws those families under the bus — as if our daily challenges of attempting to love, parent and heal some very troubled children are not reality!

I have blogged over on our website – the truth as I know it: http://www.radzebra.org.

I only wish Torry Hansen had called us before last Friday!

Julie Beem
Executive Director
Attachment & Trauma Network, Inc.

15 04 2010

Thanks for doing this!

15 04 2010
15 04 2010

Shame on you, Julie, for not reading some of the blogs and their stories of struggle. One mother talks about her son’s RAD and their tough times. Her TRUTH is that she loves that child and is finding ways to help him. Her TRUTH is that she would never consider her adoption less than successful. Shame on you for putting those words on other families who are just that – FAMILIES through adoption.

We have hard days with one of our sons from Russia, but we are his parents and we are responsible for him. Our adoption agency prepared us and can be a resource, but ultimately you have to seek the help you need for your child and be responsible for doing so on your own. That is part of what JCICS is pointing out through this campaign.

15 04 2010

Good reply Kelly. The point is these ate your children and you have to fight for the not dump them because they don’t fit that perfect mold.
Please call the governor of Tennessee and voice your opinion. This women needs to be prosecuted for abandoment
governor Phil Bredesen 615-741-2001 email Phil.Bredesen@tn.gov

15 04 2010
Adoption may be grueling, but it is good « Noel Piper

[…] that bloggers talk about the truth–that adoption is a good thing. Here’s a list of some families that are posting thoughts about their adoption stories.Our own adoption story begins here and each […]

15 04 2010

My questions about the current Russian situation and a link to our adoption story are posted at http://noelpiper.com/2010/04/15/adoption-may-be-grueling-but-it-is-good/

15 04 2010

I will post about our adoption tomorrow! We adopted from Guatemala in 04

16 04 2010

I posted about friends of ours who have adopted 6 children from Russia and are waiting to adopt 3 more. This will be their 3rd set of siblings!!!

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