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12 04 2010

Our apologies for the error in not including a link to the petition letter.  Some days we just move too fast.   The link is now included in the posting – We Are The Truth: A Call To Action.   For convenience, you can access the link by clicking here.



3 responses

13 04 2010
Alycia Donovan

Please let Russian adoptions in progress to continue. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our two new grandchildren to a very loving and nuturing family.

13 04 2010
Juan C. Hugo

I am aware of a very happy ending to two different
adoptions by a dear friend.
Please do not stop this adoptions because of a crazy lady.
Adoptions save many lives, please continue helping this

16 04 2010
Don Clapp

We brought home a daughter 4 years ago – she’s 5 now. Words do not give justice to the joy she has brought our family. The idea of depriving parents of somebody like her does not pass the test of reason. She is our pride and joy…the most imporant thing. Anything that can be done to continue Russian adotions should be done.

God Bless.

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