Joint Council Travels to Kyrgyzstan

4 02 2010

As an important element of Joint Council’s Kyrgyzstan Initiative, we will conduct an advocacy mission to Kyrgyzstan February 5 through February 13.  The mission will include meetings with members of the Kyrgyz Parliament and Ministries along with the U.S. Consular Office, Krygyz media and child welfare professionals.

Joint Council will also present letters to the President and Prime Minister from 30 Members of the U.S. Congress and a separate joint letter from Joint Council, the National Council For Adoption and over 60 U.S. adoptive families.  The letters respectfully request the leadership of the President and Prime Minister in resolving pending adoptions and the lifting of the suspension of all adoptions.

Accompanying Joint Council are 3 adoptive parents, each of whom possess a significant and valued skill set.




4 responses

5 02 2010

Waiting to board our flight in LA as I type! PS: 50 members of the US Congress!

5 02 2010
Amanda Alexander

I pray these meetings will help those of us who are waiting to adopt. Even if we can only help one child, it still a human life!

6 02 2010
Tony & Lisa

Praise God! We are praying all week for each of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for representing us.

6 02 2010
Karla Kahler

We are praying for God’s favor as you fight for our kids!

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