Some Thoughts From Haiti

29 01 2010

Not much time to write this morning, but here are some thoughts and impressions from yesterday.

Haiti is different at night.  Few lights and frequent gun shots.

We visited an orphanage yesterday that was flattened by the earthquake.  A very sobering sight.

In another visit to an orphanage, we found that the children are afraid to stay inside the building.  They all sleep outside on the grass or in tents.

The devastating effects of the earthquake in downtown Port au Prince cannot be felt or adequately represented on TV or online.  Entire blocks have been destroyed – street after street are either destroyed or damaged beyond repair.  It is unimaginable and despite standing amongst it, difficult to internalize.

Children, those being adopted, those previously without parental care and those newly separated from their families, continue to be at significant risk.  Young girls in camps are exposed to sexual abuse.  Young boys and girls can easily be taken into child slavery.  Insufficient security at the border with the DR allows for very easy transport of children in child labor.  After 17 days, holistic and comprehensive child protection is still missing.

There are untold numbers of caring individuals doing individual work every moment of every day.

The efforts of the average Haitian, is a story that is not being told.

Not all of Haiti has been destroyed – especially the spirit of the people we are working with.

This is my seventh trip to Haiti – it never looked so awful – it has never looked so beautiful.

Thanks for reading.  Thanks for caring.

Tom DiFilipo




2 responses

29 01 2010
Paula Davis

That is why we need a plan to better serve these children in danger of slavery. Having them in the open is not in their best interest. Please advocate for children to be put in foster homes in the US until their status can be secured. The Haitian government needs to recognize that the number of orphans prior to the earthquake was more than they could handle. It is time for them to allow others to help. This is not a time to create borders. It is a time for all to work together for the sake of the children. So many focus on various issues surrounding the proposal of utilizing US foster care, but at this point a child’s life is more valuable than arguments over whose in charge. Please let the adoption community help! We are willing and ready! Please allow children the opportunity to live and thrive.

29 01 2010
Angela V Fiskateer #947

Tom, what a beautiful statement you closed with.

Angela @ CCI

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