Haitian Prime Minister Approves Travel

29 01 2010

It has been confirmed that the Prime Minister of Haiti has approved the travel of those children who have received humanitarian parole from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  It is our understanding that over 100 children will be traveling to the U.S. today and tomorrow.

Joint Council extends it appreciation to the Prime Minister for the approvals and his support for children in need of a permanent and safe family.




7 responses

29 01 2010

Wonderful news.

29 01 2010
LeAnne K

WOOHOO! Thank you for the hard work on the ground (it is only beginning) and to the PM for accepting the task and getting it done for the children!

30 01 2010

Does anyone know who to contact to become a foster parent to these kids and how quickly it can be accomplished?! I can’t seem to get DCFS to understand we aren’t necessarily wanting to adopt, just foster until these children find permenant homes. Not getting any answers is frustrating!

30 01 2010
Ashley Jackson

Sarah, I am not sure either, but if you find anything out….PLEASE LET ME KNOW AS WELL! I do know of a organization here in Florida that is doing a foster family situation for the Haitian orphans, but they have been closed since this announcement. If I hear of anything I will let you know and please do the same for me! Thanks!

31 01 2010

The reason you aren’t not getting any answers is because this type of travel has not yet been approved by the Haitian or US government. Only children who were matched and in process prior to the earthquake are eligible to enter the US. That may change but as of right now, there is no legal way to bring kids to the US for fostering.

31 01 2010

Kayla, Thank you for clarifying that! It is very helpful! I still have a deep concern for the children who were already orphans (just not matched yet) and their safety, as well as the newly orphaned children. We will continue to pray that God keeps them safe.

6 02 2010
Reed Maggy

Dear Sarah, Ashley and Kayla, I’m touched with your desire to help the children affected. I will be going to Haiti soon to establish an orphanage but knowing that it will take some time before anything legal can be done, I want to set up a sponsorhip program where the child can receive goods from you , communicate with you until then, as of today feb 6,2010my organization is sending tents and teddies, flash lights, clothes to the children with the fire rescue of North Miami Beach in Florida, in good hands. while I remain here to care for the children coming from Haiti awaiting for their adoptive parents to finish up paper work. I’m hoping you will join me in this task and send positive message to me via my sitewww.karibamerica.org and call me if you want to and spread the word. Yes I’m Haitian but been here for 20 years.

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