Responding to Rumors

22 01 2010

When we hear about one rumor, we usually don’t post about it.  But when we hear from numerous sources, we reach out for confirmation and then let you know…so here you go.

Rumor #1 – The US Embassy in Port au Prince has stopped issuing visas and had canceled all appointments.

We can confirm that the US Embassy has not stopped issuing visas.

Rumor #2 – The US Embassy will be closed for the weekend.

We can confirm that the  US Embassy will be open for the weekend and will continue to process humanitarian paroles.




One response

23 01 2010
Inara Howard

Our daughter’s visa was issued 12 days ago (the morning of the quake) & our orphanage was there to pick it up yesterday (along with 9 other visas) & they were DENIED. There was only one lady there processing paperwork (where are the others that were “on their way”?) & she said her instructions were that NO children were to be given visas, they all needed to schedule an appt. (which would be several days later) for Humanitarian Parole review.
We have 2 children at another orphange who are also in Category I (so should be receiving IR3 visas) but have heard everyone is being issued HP there also.
I am extremely upset about this & have called my govt. representatives, but don’t know what else to do ~ PLEASE HELP!

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