All the kids – Megan, a JC intern’s prospective

22 01 2010

I began my internship at Joint Council the day before the devastating earthquake in Haiti. These past few days following the quake I have been thrown into a whirlwind of emotions. At some point every day I have felt some kind of strong emotion whether that be compassion, hope, fear or disappointment. The kindness of so many individuals who have offered their homes and hearts to the children in the coming future continues to amaze and astound me.  Although it is not the right time to start an adoption the willingness of these individuals truly shows so much compassion. The determination and drive of Joint Council, membership organizations and aid groups who are continuously working around the clock to bring help and supplies to those who are in need is truly admirable. The donations that have flooded in around the country to provide any kind of salvation to the people of Haiti has given hope, but it still is disheartening that it’s just not enough. Although each of these emotions I have felt at one point or another the most reoccurring feeling is pride. I have the utmost pride to be a part of Joint Council and truly feel lucky to be able to do my part whether it is responding to emails, phone calls, voicemails, or collecting information from orphanages.

Every morning I have woken up and checked the Joint council blog or various web pages so that I can be up to date on the most recent information, but no matter how much I try to stay on top of all the information it’s always changing. The various lingo and terms is something that I had to pick up very quickly. I had the opportunity to listen to steps that were being taken for those children who were already in the process of being adopted and although it’s wonderful to hear of their reunion with families, it’s impossible to get all the other children without homes out of your mind.  I have hope that the actions of Joint Council will assist in improving the current situation of the people of Haiti and am anxious to see what will follow in the next few days.




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