No More Private Planes

21 01 2010

Through our communications with the Department of Homeland Security, please be advised that private planes will not be permitted to transport those orphaned children being adopted by US. families to the U.S.

Those who can provide transport must coordinate with US Department of Homeland Security.




2 responses

21 01 2010
Michelle Crombie

Private planes will be coming back to the Miami Exec airport this weekend/next week? They are servicing the group Can they coordinate with Homeland Security to aid in bringing the ‘matched/already in process’ orphaned children to the US adoptive families (for lack of better terms). They are doctors, nurses, etc. that will be coming back and could potentially be the escorts to get those children out and home. Please email or phone me personally or contact the information provided on the website above, if this is a feasible option. One never knows how things work out.

Michelle Crombie
Mommy to Jaylee thank to Joint Council’s involvement!!

21 01 2010
Janice Pearse

I know of several private jets and a larger cargo plane that are standing by ready to go at any time to transport children from Haiti to their new homes in the US. Contact me if this opportunity is needed.

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