Getting The Message Out

21 01 2010

We have received many emails and calls when a message from Joint Council appears in the press.  Thank you for recognizing our work in bringing the plight of Haitian orphans to the attention of the public and the attention of the US government and other decision makers.  Public and Government awareness is critically important in bringing aid and relief to Haitian children and families.  For those who are interested, we’ve included a list of our interviews: on-air, print and online.

Thanks again for those who have recognized our work – but there is more to do.

Week of January 17, 2010


NPR Talk of the Nation –

Broadcast & Cable

CBS Evening News – Katie Couric –;photovideo

NBC News Washington DC, – video not available

BBC World News – video not available

BBC World Service – video not available

Print & Web Based Media – duplicate articles omitted

3News – New Zealand – –

ABC News –


CBS News –

Daily Herald –

Detroit Free Press –

Express UK –

Fox DC –

Gazette –

Independent –

Independent – 2nd Article –

London Times –

Minneapolis Star Tribune –

NBC Washington –

News Journal –

Now Public –

St. Petersburg Times –


Star Tribune –

St. Petersburg Times –

Salt Lake Tribune –

Chareyl Moyes – Wasatch Int. – Joint Council Haiti Caucus Chairperson

Week of January 10, 2010

Broadcast & Cable

ABC News – 20/20 –

CNN Situation Room –

Print & Web Based Media – duplicate articles not included

Washington Post –

LA Times –,0,5769617.story

This article appeared in 132 news outlets

CNN Online –

News Journal Online –

Tulsa World –




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