Another Voice From Haiti

21 01 2010

From on the ground in Haiti:

“I have WASTED 2 days at the U.S. embassy when I need to be locating children and securing aid…I get nothing done here…the kids would be better served setting up a refugee camp…

I am scared of another quake…there were 2 sizable after-shocks 2day and my gut feels something worse is coming.

It’s raining hard now.”




4 responses

21 01 2010
Kelly Kingrey-Edwards

Please know that I am praying for you and everyone in Haiti, giving where I can, and wanting desperately to serve these children in some capacity. My husband and I are adoptive parents of five children and were foster parents for a number of years. We know this ache and this terror. We are watching your blog faithfully searching for ways that we can be useful.

22 01 2010
Mignonne Guy

My heart is truly heavy over the challenges that you and these children now face. My initial response to this disaster focused immediately on those children who must face a world without their parents or family. If only there were not others who may wish do to harm to these children, I would hope that placing confirmed orphans in safe, loving homes (U.S. or beyond) could be expedited and we would be the first to share our home and our lives. Sadly this appears unwise.

Those of us that can only watch this terror in dismay can only express how grateful we are that someone is there to care for these innocent children. We are truly grateful, thank you. My husband and I plan to keep close tabs on the events there and intend to lend a hand in any way possible…for the long haul. We do not have children, only those I once taught in a local Newcomer program educating refugee students from Somalia, Kenya Sudan and Afghanistan. My hope is that the children, whom you now protect and rely upon you now more than ever, will be kept safe so as to experience the opportunities afforded to those who now commonly refer to me as, “Mom” (my former students). Once again, thank you. Please know that you are not alone and those of us who can – will help you. Take care and be safe.

22 01 2010
Jack Ranoldi

Chill . . . it’s a tough situation logistically. Trust your “gut” and go do something else . . . Jeez. Grow a set and get something done.

22 01 2010

What kind of hope do you meed?

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