Statement from UNICEF on adoptions

20 01 2010

Following is a statement by UNICEF which brings attention to the children being adopted.  Joint Council fully supports UNICEF’s position on pending adoptions of Haitian orphans.

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman on the situation of children in Haiti

NEW YORK, 19 January 2010 – We are extremely concerned about the situation of children in Haiti, many of whom have become separated from their families and caregivers. These children face increased risks of malnutrition and disease, trafficking, sexual exploitation and serious emotional trauma. The race to provide them with life-saving emergency food and medicine, safe shelter, protection, and care is underway.

UNICEF and its partners, including the Haitian Government, the Red Cross and Save the Children, are establishing safe spaces for children and the process of registering unaccompanied children has commenced.

UNICEF and partners are also providing food and supplies for orphanages in Port-au-Prince.

Every effort will be made to reunite children with their families. Only if that proves impossible, and after proper screening has been carried out, should permanent alternatives like adoption be considered by the relevant authorities.  Screening for international adoption for some Haitian children had been completed prior to the earthquake. Where this is the case, there are clear benefits to speeding up their travel to their new homes.

UNICEF joins with the Committee on the Rights of the Child, International Social Service and other concerned groups in calling on all those involved in relief efforts to ensure that they act in the best interests of children. What is needed now is life saving support and care for children in Haiti.




4 responses

20 01 2010
Laura Smith

These organizations need to differentiate between children who may be newly orphaned and those who were in orphanages before the quake!! We need to get that second group out now!!!

20 01 2010
Annette Franklin

Thank you for your support. The children who were already in the orphanages need to be brought to their families. Then caring for the newly orphaned can begin/continue.

20 01 2010

But they’re not bringing out the adotive orphans now. Instead they are making them go to the embassy and wait in line so they can process more paperwork. Somebody, stop the insanity!

6 02 2010
Reed Maggy

I’m so happy to see so many concerned people in regards to the children in Haiti, those that were already in the process have a possibility to be reunited with their new family, I’m working with them now in Miami helping with the transition between them and their new parents, it’s traumatizing because most of these children speaks Creole. Now I’m focused on those left behind like I said earlier the groups that have been identified to have no parents to care for them, my organization is getting ready to go there to provide help to them and start a program for them while awaiting to be adopted they can get sponsored. I already sent tents, flash lights batteries, clothes etc via North Miami Beach fire rescue, but second trip I will be there to put everything in place. It’s will be a long process so we need to get together to make it happen my info is on my site. We have extended ourselves to care for children affected not only by cancer but this disaster as well. God bless everyone. Maggy Reed

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