Members of Congress – Thank You!

20 01 2010

All of us at Joint Council continued to be impressed and inspired by the dedication of so many wonderful individuals and institutions.  Our thoughts go first to the children.  Those who perished, those resilient ones who will thrive and those who will always need our special attention.

Then on to the adoptive families; committed, tenacious, loving – amazing.   And then to our dedicated colleagues at Member Organizations of Joint Council, our colleagues at AmeriCares, CCAI and the list could go on and on.   Our special thoughts are with those who are working in Haiti, with the people – our military, press, NGOs, government officials, volunteers – again a list that could run for miles.

But this post is for a group that might not be so obvious when we think of serving children.  Perhaps after this week, this group will be more prominent in our thoughts.

So much of what has happened this past week was only possible through the efforts of Members of Congress – and their very dedicated staff.  Everything from helping families locate their children to crafting child-centric policies, these Members of Congress truly stepped up to the plate.  You elected them to represent you and from our experience, they did that every day of this week.

So we extend our thanks to all Members of Congress who helped serve children and families and a special thanks to those with whom we worked the closest.

  • Senator Mary Landrieu, LA
  • Senator Robert Casey, PA
  • Senator Kit Bond, MO
  • Senator Mark Udall, CO
  • Senator James Inhofe, OK
  • Senator John Ensign, NV
  • Senator McCain, AZ
  • Representative Jim Cooper, TN
  • Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, WA
  • Representative Michele Bachmann

There are many more children that need food, water, shelter and love.  There is much to do.  And we are confident that these Members of Congress will be there with you and with the kids.



4 responses

21 01 2010
Julie Ann Tailleur

I would like to add Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester to the list of those who are tirelessly working to bring our children home. Senators, you have our deepest gratitude.

21 01 2010
Julie Ann Tailleur

Max Baucus and John Tester are Montana Senators.

21 01 2010

I have also been so impressed with the efforts of our the legislative staff of Congressmen Sarbanes (MD) and Congressmen Van Hollen (MD). They have been incredible advocates for us through this.

21 01 2010
The Snider's

Senator Amy Klobucher-MN-has been helping us through this and it was the first time we heard of humanitarian parole on news shows on Friday, January 15th. She and her office has been keeping us in the loop and telling us where to email, which we have shared with other adoptive parents. Just want to make sure that you add her to the list.

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