Ethics Are A Key

20 01 2010

The announcement by the Department of Homeland Security on humanitarian parole includes a list of documents meant to demonstrate a solid relationship between the adoptive parents and the child they wish to adopt.  And it is clear that the relationship must have been established before the earthquake ravaged Haiti.

For families who had identified a child (determined by the Haitian government to be an orphan eligible for adoption), but had not yet begun the process in an formal manner, it may be tempting to pre-date or create documents which could then be submitted to the US government as evidence.  We can only imagine how heartbroken a family would be if they could not bring a child into their family simply because the official process had not yet begun.

We can certainly empathize with anyone in such a situation but we all must recognize that pre-dating or otherwise falsifying a document is not only unethical but also illegal.  We have received a few reports that some attempts are being made to pre-date documents and we strongly urge anyone considering such actions to please show their love and concern for a child in a manner that is ethical and legal.  To do otherwise is to jeopardize your adoption, the rights of the child and the entire institution of intercountry adoption.

There are many ways to care for a child, to love them and nurture them.   For some children the best solution is local, within their own community.  For others it is intercountry adoption.   Let’s all work to find the most ethical and legal solution that is best for each and every child.




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