Alex-An Intern’s Perspective

20 01 2010

Beginning my internship at Joint Council immediately following the devastating earthquake in Haiti has made for a somewhat chaotic first couple of days. I’ve listened to my fair share of yelling and screaming on both ends of the phone as passionate people debate what is best for the children in Haiti.

Working at Joint Council the past two days, I have read and listened to a number of incredibly sad accounts about the effects of the earthquake in Haiti. But at the same time, I’ve seen the compassion that people have when others are in need. In the past 48 hours, we have received numerous calls from people wondering how they can help, many looking to adopt a newly orphaned child from Haiti. While it is not an appropriate time to adopt, possibly opening up the door to corruption and the abuse of children, it is moving to see what people are willing to do when others are in serious need.

The devastation in Haiti due to the earthquake is merely nine days old, but countless children were living in horrible conditions for years prior to the earthquake. In the coming days we must not lose sight of Haiti and should continue donating money to international aid organizations dealing with the disaster.





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